Very Incomplete Notes on Trumpanalyse: A Poem for Lovers

August 8, 2016

fascist propaganda already close to culture industry

Trump is a total product of the culture industry


Political life and culture industry spectacle.

So trump as fascist? not necessarily.


Techniques or “devices” used by Trump, or anyone trying to gain mass following.


Having to disguise unspeakable urges/emotions/irrational fears.


not that trump is fascist, but that

Trump airing the dirty laundry?

wild, unseemly sex life of the elites exposed to be derided.


Trump vs. Sanders — not totally the same.


Personalization, strongman — I

His personal capacities, the personal element.


Chris Crawford’s essay — Liberal news media: Who is trump really? He’s not who he says he is. But What Trump is or is not is irrelevant, not the appeal.


Liberal scandalized disgust




Do left forces appeal to rationality or also manipulate populous with their own psychotechnics?


W.Reich’s harness the power for political purposes…

Walter Benjamin?


We have a deep need to be part of a great movement?


Counter enlightenment


Sanders as alternative, Answering Trump phenomena of criticism with real social policies, rather then Liberal NYT deflationary tactics.


imitate egos of masses.

Fascism takes american democratic cloak

Voice of post-neoliberal right (not much of a PN left)

Global resurgence of right wing forces — national forces in Europe might not align with trump. How would we articulate the PNR? Xenophobia. Nationalism.