“Education is inherently conservative and its organization especially so. Never has education prepared changes in the social structure. Always — without exception— it was the result of changes that had already taken place…. We have now unexpectedly come upon a real and insurmountable limit of education. All education is conservative relative to the society that does the educating and it intensifies and increases the power of the educating group…. If you want to change [the educational system] or some detail of it, you must first change the social structure or the correlative detail in it…. This insight into the social limits of education negates any effort to effect marked changes in education before the social structure has been changed.” So says Siegfried Bernfeld in his 1925 Sisyphus Or, the Limits of Education. If interested in programming on the nexus of education and self, contact gregg@freudians.org


Major Splits

        The Major Splits in Psychoanalysis seminar helps sort out the gaps and confusion about psychoanalytic thought in the various forms it has assumed over a century-plus course through controversy, relocation, appropriation, and condensation. Individuals or pairs organize research projects and presentations around a controversy in psychoanalysis’s history that led to a distinct development in theory or practice (e.g. Jung, Klein, Winnicott, Lacan). Presentations follow the threads of the debate forward and backward: forward to the status of the debate in thought and practice today, and backwards to the core Freudian concepts that provoked them. The group aims through a process of individual research, shared presentation, response, and revision to locate and refine relevant problems of the past that might yet prove to be alive and well in the present. To start a split of your own, contact christieo@freudians.org.