Pendulum (From the Catalog of rrealisme)

December 8, 2015


First of all, weighty tomes:  Adorno and Horkheimer composed Dialectic of Enlightenment in the style of a pendulum.  The pendulum provides a dialectical image of dialectics: thought swings back and forth wildly, creating the impression of a free and wild motion, all the while constrained by certain laws to rework and return to the same point along the same path.

You can pick up a pendulum and take it to another room while it is still swinging.  Does it still follow the same path and reach the same point?  You can even take it to another state.  Or state of affairs.

It’s like riding a dragon-ship at a theme park, or even a miniature version at a pop-up town fair..  Dialectics is at work in the pit of the stomach.  

And the discourse of understanding and the university is time. It erodes the extremes, until, self-satisfied, someone becomes its accomplice.  This one locates the still point at the center; their manuscript is inevitably accepted for publication at a prestigious press.  

— From the Catalog of rrealisme

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