The Art Walk as Cake Walk: NYC Gallery Visits


New Fucking York

Date & Time

Feb. 20 —Jul. 31, 2016

Precise Dates/Times TBA

Free Event

Event Description

Want to increase your cultural capital? SPI’s Surrealism & Psychoanalysis Research Group invites you to become a tourist in your own culture via a series of unplanned art walks. Join us as we visit several exhibitions in New York City and Philadelphia in groups.

Here are some upcoming exhibitions in NYC:

Failed poet? Become an artist—there’s $ to be made in that shell game.
Marcel Broodthaers at MoMA

“Ugh, another minimalism show? —Yep!”
Minimalism at the Kitchen

Want to be reminded how uninformed you are about what is fashionable in contemporary art?
Yearly Contemporary Art Roundup at White Columns

For those interested in offshoots of surrealist practice.
Fischli/Weiss at Guggenheim

Want to be reminded that there are artists more successful than who can actually afford to live here? Take some notes.
“Greater New York” show at PS1

An old man shows his undies. Tony Conrad is a legend, an artist whose reputation as an avant-garde provocateur is indisputable, but also someone you might find drunkenly eating at LA Burrito in Bushwick (true story).
Tony Conrad at Greene Naftali

Like art that is too sophisticated for the sophisticated? For those in need of theoretical fodder.
Henrik Olesen at Reena Spaulings

For those who like neon.
Ligon in Bushwick

For connoisseurs of finely wrought Nordic anxiety.
Munch at Neue Galerie

Look forward to seeing you there!

If you are interested in attending, please contact Chris Crawford


Sponsored by the Organelle of Rrealiste Recherche


The Surrealism & Psychoanalysis Research Group