Homo Politicus: Psychoanalysis, the Destruction of Thinking, the Political Left


Access Institute for Psychological Services

110 Gough St

San Francisco, CA

Date & Time

Nov. 3, 2018
10:00am — 05:00pm

Free Event

Email contact@freudians.org to register, by sending your name, email, and a brief statement of interest

Event Description

America is hurtling towards near total destruction, led by a bloated sociopath, hell bent on cleaving racial, gender and class inequality to a near total breaking point, as a still too small left works to respond.

Join us, the Society of Psychoanalytic Inquiry, for our fall summit, as we discuss what may be radical about thinking, in a psychoanalytic sense, in the world today.  Unite as we push the boundaries of the tradition of Analytic Social Psychology with readings from Fanon, Kovel and Pichon-Rivière. Participate with a panel including Bart McGee, founder of Access Institute, as we discuss issues about mental health and community clinics. Sit in reverie with poetry as we imagine its links to our political endeavors.

Coffee, bagels, ideas, and lunch will be provided.