Psychoanalysis and Education


Harper @ the University of Chicago

1116 East 59th Street, Chicago, IL 60637

Date & Time

Oct. 8 —Dec. 3, 2012

Free Event

Event Description

A reading group concerned with the importance of psychoanalysis to an understanding of education and how the contested nature of psychoanalytic education bears on this issue.


  • Psychoannals
  • the Society for Psychoanalytic Inquiry


10/8: Introduction to the Problem of Psychoanalysis and Education

Recommended reading:

  • Freud, S. The Question of Lay Analysis
  • Freud, S. “Preface to Aichhorn’s Wayward Youth”


10/29 Bernfeld: Sisyphus (1-2)

  • Bernfeld, S. Sisyphus: Or, the Limits of Education, Chapters 1-2
  • How can psychoanalysis be used as a tool to reveal the deployment of social norms in institutional settings?


11/5: Bernfeld and (Anna) Freud

  • Bernfeld, S. Sisyphus, Or, the Limits of Education, Chapter 3
  • Freud, A. Psychoanalysis for Parents and Teachers, Lecture 4, “The Relation Between Psychoanalysis and Pedagogy.”


11/19 Bettelheim: Psychoanalysis and Education

  • Bettelheim, B. “Psychoanalysis and Education.” The School Review, Vol. 77, No. 2 (Jun., 1969), pp. 73-86.
  • An overview of Bettelheim’s life and work, by Karen Zelan, very interesting and highly recommended.


12/3 Cohler and Galatzer-Levy: Love in the Classroom

  • Cohler B. J., & Galatzer-Levy, R. (2006). “Love in the classroom: Desire and transference in teaching and learning.” In: Boldt, G.M., & Salvo, P.M. (Eds.) Love’s return: Psychoanalytic essays on teaching and learning. New York: Routledge, 243-26.