Final Solutions: On the Roots of Violence in Modern Society


Chicago Center for Psychoanalysis
30 N. Michigan Ave., Room 826
Chicago, Illinois

Date & Time

Jun. 4, 2014
07:00pm —09:00pm

Free Event

Event Description

A former senior lecturer in sociology at the University of East London and a lifelong revolutionary activist, Sabby Sagall will give a presentation based on his new book, Final Solutions: Human Nature, Capitalism and Genocide (2013, Pluto Press) followed by conversation with psychoanalyst Allan Scholom.

What psychological and social factors lead human beings to commit acts of genocide? What is the relationship between psychology and sociology? How do economic forces create and shape the lives of individuals and the group? Sabby Sagall’s new book, Final Solutions, explores these and other themes. Bringing together Marxism and psychoanalysis, Sagall shows how denial of human needs and feelings of isolation and powerlessness engendered by political defeats propel groups to project their impotent rage, hatred, and destructiveness onto the ‘outsider’ and the ‘other.’

The evening will close with time for audience questions and discussion.


Allan Scholom, member of the Society for Psychoanalytic Inquiry, and a clinician-scholar who has written extensively on the interface between psychoanalysis, politics, and political activism.


Pluto Press & the Society for Psychoanalytic Inquiry