Analytic Social Psychology Workshop, Winter and Spring, 2016


New York, Chicago, Interwebs

Date & Time

Feb. 3 —May. 25, 2016

8pm eastern time

every other Wednesday night


Free Event

Event Description

The Analytic Social Psychology study group (ASP) began in the Fall of 2012. Our theoretical basis was Erich Fromm’s 1932 essay, written for the Frankfurt School’s Zeitschrift für Sozialforschung, “The Method and Function of Analytic Social Psychology; Notes on Psychoanalysis and Historical Materialism.” Our ambitions were publications like the Frankfurt School’s Studies on Prejudice. Our necessity came from the need to understand the ideological basis of the contemporary quietism. Given the advance of the forces of production, why don’t we all relax? What light can psychoanalytic social research shine on what holds the society together? How do institutions of domination maintain their grip? Why are we expending our human effort on something destroying us? How is domination anchored in the hearts of the dominated?

The group meets biweekly in Chicago and via the interwebs. The calendar includes shared readings and presentations, both by members of the study group on ongoing research, as well as by visiting scholars. If you are interested in participating, please contact the organizer, Jeremy Cohan, at


feb 3 ⊥ 8pm

  • Benjamin Koditschek leads discussion on Boltanski and Chiapello, The New Spirit of Capitalism

feb 17 ⊥ 8:30pm

  • Scott Jenkins presents a review piece on Bifo and psychologization

mar 16 ⊥ 8pm

  • Amber Trotter presents from her dissertation on psychoanalysis, ethics, and radicalism

mar 30 ⊥ 8pm

  • Discussion of Group Psychology and the Analysis of the Ego, headless horsemen, and the Collège de Sociologie

apr 16 ⊥ SPI SUMMIT

  • Enhanced Interrogation of Eric Santner on the Weight of All Flesh
  • Katie Glanz presents on psychoanalysis and feminism

may 4 ⊥ 7:30pm

  • Samir Gandesha will workshop his draft paper, “From the authoritarian to the neoliberal personality.”

june 1 ⊥ 8pm

  • Jeremy Cohan leads discussion of Eli Zaretsky’s Political Freud