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This Book, This Desire, This History

...conceiving of conception: how is immortality best achieved? by writing a book or by having children? (He was about to write his first

book, his wife was about to give...

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Living Dreams, Dreaming Nightmares

...remains relevant. They argue that the Culture Industry keeps us entertained in the service of political disengagement. They write, “The withering of imagination and spontaneity in the consumer culture today...

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The Corpse of Marcel Mauss

...of SURREAL ECONOMIES devoted to MARCEL MAUSS: ESSAY ON THE GIFT. Any participant could submit text-limbs of 100 words in any order. These could be notes, excerpts, reflections, criticisms, or...

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The Z Affair: beginnings

...writing on psychoanalysis and race today.” The APsaA’s “unforgiveable” response, was thus: “to address THIS political issue in THIS time in America is NOT appropriate” (emphasis theirs). Contrary to the...

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Demanding Justice from the Rahm Racket (Field Note)

...about potential privatizations in my grandmother’s assisted living facility in the ‘burbs—privatization means worse service, he said. This is something that is known, but the numbers for the protest were...

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The Marriage-Mongers

...href="">demand inclusion in institutions that are—at worst—shot through with compulsion and inequality, and—at best—on the way out. What a letdown, from the call for Sexual Revolution! Skepticism towards