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Utopia and Potlatch: Questions for Surreal Economists

...Native Americans of the Pacific Northwest.

Bataille’s preface and introduction relay the rudiments of the theory of “general economy”: the system of circulation of energies that in the last instance...

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The Mass Custom

...instance of a product would be tailored to the preferences of an individual consumer. The phrase itself is internally conflicted. How can something be universally applied, and also totally unique?...

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Hats, Rabbits & the Ideology of Individuals

...class that will deliver us from fascism — a fantasy underwritten in this case by a not inconsiderable machine of power, wealth and influence, but in the last instance written...

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Living Dreams, Dreaming Nightmares

...really want and are superficially satisfied (pacified) with the cheap thrills of instant gratification.

If we are lucky enough to know something of our own desire, however, we are faced...