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The Corpse of Marcel Mauss

...beginning but not necessary. Exquisite corpse of notes or something like this>>//



Division from Aristotle to Arendt of economy and politics

(in Xenophon economics pertains to the...

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Living Dreams, Dreaming Nightmares

...a nightmare brewing. Capitalism’s “supreme law,” according to Adorno and Horkheimer, “is that its consumers shall at no price be given what they desire” (112). Thus, they continue, “The culture...

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Chess Delinquents recruit the seventy-five new members.

Now there was the problem of how the work could best be organized. It was decided to establish a shoe factory for the neighboring...

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The Z Affair: beginnings

...our panel might have addressed.

All best,

Eli Zaretsky

Professor of History

New School for Social Research


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...alternatives. Although we might be tempted to think of our project in terms of a professional initiative, what we are in fact best suited to provide is a thoughtful, concerned,...

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...locate and refine relevant problems of the past that might yet prove to be alive and well in the present. To start a split of your own, contact