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The Corpse of Marcel Mauss

...beginning but not necessary. Exquisite corpse of notes or something like this>>//



Division from Aristotle to Arendt of economy and politics

(in Xenophon economics pertains to the...

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Future Words

...much does our vocabulary define us, in the manner of a lasso firmly anchored from behind; but if it were possible for us to catch, be it only in snatches,...

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Kant avec Freud

...same respondent or ‘respons’ to everything that comes upon the mind, to give itself as a passage to the events which come to it from a something that it does...

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The Z Affair: beginnings

...think this communication will soon take place.

I think what happened exemplifies prejudice in action. APsA does not have a good history re: political issues. I think the rejection...

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...Critique does not evolve according to the fickleness of the market, despite what the glut of critical reviews, journals, studies, and cultural theories would suggest. SPI remains committed to the...

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The Mass Custom


But theoretical impossibility does not render the concept worthless. The success of Build-A-Bear workshops, NIKEiD, and Chipotle demonstrate mass customization’s appeal. In the world of cars, Scion and MINI...

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Of Agencies, Egos, Gods and Dogs it were “return” to the subjective language from which the terminology arose, but rather presented a further transposition through metaphors concerning horses and riders, parliamentary politics, and other situations.